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Terms of Agreement

This contract (“Agreement”) between Ceci Victoria (hereafter known as CLIENT) and Eclat DMI (hereafter known as VENDOR) outlines the scope of work and description for event stationery (“Services”).

This contract outlines the scope of work and description for event stationery (“Services”) for event held on the date listed below.

Date of Event:

A. Payment

CLIENT agrees to pay in 50% down at the time of ordering stationery services provided by VENDOR, including all applicable taxes. CLIENT will pay any remaining balances, prior to delivery of printing services provided by the VENDOR, or will otherwise forfeit the right to receive the completed work on time. 

CLIENT agrees and understands that the remaining invoice total is subject to change during the design process based on whether CLIENT wishes to add or remove items from the scope of the project. CLIENT also agrees that if additional work is requested, VENDOR will be granted extra time to complete the needed work

CLIENT understands that printing will not begin until after all final payments have been made in full. Any delay in payment will result in a delay in printing and shipping of items to CLIENT.


VENDOR is not responsible for errors of any kind on CLIENT-approved proofs. CLIENT should have at least one other person, aside from CLIENT, review all proofs. 

By submitting approval below and agreeing to the terms outlined in the Agreement, CLIENT has verified that there are no spelling errors, design errors, missing information, inaccurate information, or any other mistake on proofs provided by VENDOR.

By submitting approval below and agreeing to the terms outlined in the Agreement, CLIENT consents and agrees that proofs are accurate and ready for printing.

In the event of a typo, spelling error, design error, missing information, inaccurate information, or any other mistake on proofs, VENDOR will offer reprints to CLIENT at a reduced rate.


If guest addressing and return addressing is added, CLIENT shall be responsible for checking CLIENT’s address list to make sure all addresses are accurate.


VENDOR is not liable for damages if envelope addressing is performed by others.


CLIENT understands production takes 5-25 business days. CLIENT understands that printing shall not start until after all balances are paid, as outlined in section A of this agreement.

CLIENT understands that VENDOR is not responsible for any production delays  other manufacturers. VENDOR is not responsible for paper and supply shortages, as these are outside of VENDOR's control. If there is a paper or supply shortage, VENDOR will find a suitable replacement.

Most stationery takes 5 business days to print and ships afterward. CLIENT understands letterpress printing, foil printing, wax seals, lined envelopes, ribbon, and assembly take 15-25 business days to produce and ship afterward. A business day is outlined as Monday thru Friday, between 8am and 5pm, excluding US holidays.


Once the item is shipped to CLIENT, VENDOR shall not be held responsible for damages, loss, or other shipping circumstances. VENDOR is unable to provide tracking updates beyond the information that third-party mail carriers release.

VENDOR will supply CLIENT with tracking information as soon as the item has shipped.

Expedited shipping charges will be billed on the final invoice if incurred. CLIENT will be notified of any additional costs before billing.

Package pick up and local delivery within a 15 mile radius of 717 Wyoming Ave. El Paso TX is available at no cost.


CLIENT understands that reorder prints are an added fee paid for by the CLIENT. Prior to signing this agreement, VENDOR recommends CLIENT to have at least 10% extra prints than needed. CLIENT understands extra prints may be needed in case any additional guests are added to the guest list, invitations get lost in the mail, etc.

VENDOR will supply reorder prints at a reduced rate to CLIENT. However, CLIENT understands that small print quantities cost much more (per piece) when ordered separately at a later date.

CLIENT understands embellishment items including, but not limited to, wax seals and ribbon, may not match originals if reordered.


VENDOR includes assembly for some invitation styles, including stationery that involves ribbon, pockets and/or lined envelopes. CLIENT understands that any product that does not include the items outlined above will require assembly by the CLIENT. CLIENT can add assembly to their order at any time prior to printing.


Due to the custom nature of stationery, VENDOR does not offer refunds, returns or exchanges. CLIENT also understands and agrees that VENDOR cannot offer returns, refunds or exchanges of printed materials in the event of cancellations, event changes or any other reason.

If the CLIENT's event stationery has already been mailed out to event guests, CLIENT may choose to send postponement announcements, instead of reprinting their entire suite all over again. VENDOR will offer postponement announcements at a reduced rate to CLIENT, as an affordable option to having event stationery reprinted.

By Typing My Name Below, I Am Electronically Signing This Document And Submit Approval To Print. *

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